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A family business that was founded in the 1980's, Canford Roofing has grown to be one of the most established and trusted roofing companies on the South Coast recently being nominated for the prestigious National Clay Tile Awards. Our highly experienced team here at Canford Roofing are here to provide you with a range of services which you can see on the sections below.

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Eternit Slate

Eternit man made slates are the most common replacement for a slate roof as they are cheaper than natural not only in material price but also fitting is substantially quicker as every slate is the same. They provide the charm of a slated roof with the economical, functional, and environmentally friendly attributes of modern sales technology. Canford Roofing fit them onto tanalized battens over breathable felt and are fixed through two copper nails and a copper rivet to each slate.

There are alternatives to Eternit and Sandtof do a site composite slate that looks great and weathers exceptionally well but is still quick to fit.

- Benefits of using Eternit Slates on a roof
- Extremely robust and look great when the job is finished
- Lightweight, strong and durable – last longer than concrete tiles.
- A+ rating in the BRE’s Green Guide to specification.
- Quick and easy to install.
- Closely resemble natural material

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I am happy to provide a reference for Canford Roofing as they have been contracting for my company for the past three years.

David Skipp: Acorn Construction

I met Dean from Canford Roofing about ten years ago on a building site I was working on, shortly after that I began running the…

Philip Clarke