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A family business that was founded in the 1980's, Canford Roofing has grown to be one of the most established and trusted roofing companies on the South Coast recently being nominated for the prestigious National Clay Tile Awards. Our highly experienced team here at Canford Roofing are here to provide you with a range of services which you can see on the sections below.

Put your home in safe hands with Canford Roofing.

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Example of Canford Roofing work

Alwitra Single Ply

Benefits of using Alwitra on a roof

Alwitra is a product that we can offer to the customer that demands longevity as well as a clean sharp look for their flat roofs.

Alwitra ‘Evalon’ is a single ply membrane which covers all current fire regulations and is a superior quality EVA single ply membrane with a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

Evalon delivers superior performance with regard to strength, dimensional stability, long term flexibility, weathering and chemical resistance – and it is compatible with asphalt, bitumen and all commonly used thermal insulation.

Alwitra is not the only manufacture on the market but we chose to fit this product not only because of its reputation but also because of its wide range of by products and accessories. For example, its range of solar membrane which incorporates photovoltaic systems into the membrane itself to do away with large unsightly solar panels.

Alwitra is a popular product for roof balconies and roof gardens, but can also be used to great effect to create contemporary design as you can see in the images opposite that we created in the Purbecks.

What our clients say about us...

Canford Roofing have been employed on three major projects for Cambian Education in the last two years and I can recommend their services without reservation…

Ian Moore: Cambian Group

I am happy to provide a reference for Canford Roofing as they have been contracting for my company for the past three years.

David Skipp: Acorn Construction